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Why Hire a Benefit Auctioneer? 

A professional benefit auctioneer will bring you more funds than the 'free auctioneer'. George Franco, Your "Good News" Auctioneer, is an investment in raising revenue. Every other  expense, the food, the venue, the band, the DJ, cost but don't bring in dollars. George will more than pay for your investment with an average of 30 to 50% or more in financial returns,

Why Use Professional Ringmen?

Your 'Good News' Auctioneer brings professional ringmen aka bidspotters.  They bring excitement and energy, keep track of bids and gently encouraging people to bid in the live auction or donate in the Fund A Need.

What About Consigned Experiences?

Consigned travel experiences contribute to fundraising in a BIG way if done correctly. Travel is often the biggest money maker in the live auction, especially if it's a consignment package which sold multiple times. Your "Good News" Auctioneer is connected to numerous trustworthy consignment companies which provide no risk options.

What About A Silent Auction?

Silent auctions are a traditional part of many fundraisers. This is a case where "less is more".  Every item in the silent auction should have a beneficial ROR, rate of return. If silent auction items are selling for 30 to 40% of their worth, are they worth the time and effort? Your "Good News" Auctioneer can guide you through this often times confusing process.

What About Sound? 

If they can't hear you, they won't give to you. Muffled or inadequate sound from hotel speakers, band speakers, or DJ speakers, will hurt your fundraising. If needed, Your "Good News" Auctioneer will provide a professional Bose Tower L1 sound system with wireless Sennheiser microphones. 

What About Travel?

Yes, Your "Good News" Auctioneer travels to conduct fundraisers. George Franco has conducted fundraisers all over Metro Atlanta as well as New Mexico, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Ohio and Illinois. The list is growing! Contact Your "Good News" Auctioneer wherever you are located.

George Franco and his ringmen

George Franco and his ringmen

Sound System


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